"Water for Life" - Filmvorführung und Diskussion

The film „Water for Life“ tells the story of three environmental defenders from Latin America: Berta Cáceres, a leader of the Lenca people in Honduras; Francisco Pineda, a subsistence farmer in El Salvador; and Alberto Curamil, an Indigenous Mapuche leader in Chile. All three of them refused to let government supported industry and transnational corporations take their water and redirect it to mining, hydroelectric projects or large scale agriculture. It is a story of courage and determination, betrayal and corruption, death threats and murder, and of unexpected victories in the countryside and in the courts. It is a story that asks how economic development can grow in harmony with environmental protections. Above all, Water For Life illuminates a growing recognition of Indigenous rights and a rising demand for corporate responsibility and environmental justice that is being seen around the world. It is a story that begins and ends with water.

Our guest, Manuela Royo Letelier, is an environmental activist and member of the Chilean Constitutional Convention until 2022, spokesperson of El Movimiento de Defensa por el Acceso al Agua, la Tierra y la Protección del Medioambiente (MODATIMA) and member of the ecofeminist collective Sur Territoria. Manuela is a historian and doctor of law specialized in constitutional, environmental and human rights of indigenous peoples. She defends causes related to environmental issues and the violation of the rights of the Mapuche people, including Alberto Curamil’s case.

Q&A (in English) moderated by Andrea Pietrafesa, Legal Advisor at ECCHR’s Institute for Legal Intervention, who has worked on the Alberto Curamil and Berta Cáceres cases in the past.

In Spanish and English with English subtitles.

Learn more about the film and the people behind the film here: https://waterforlife.film/

Datum: 12.07.2024, 17:00
Stadt: 10961 Berlin
Veranstaltungsart: Film- und Diskussionsveranstaltung
Veranstaltungsort: European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR), Zossener Str. 55-58, Aufgang/Staircase D, 10961 Berlin
Veranstalter: European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR)